SemiAutonomous drone


I am new to this and hope I am posting this to the right place.
I am working on a semi autonomous drone, where a human remotely control the Z axes of the drone to only move it left and right. the drone itself control it altitude Y, and X axes and also manage the stability when there there is wind or someone is trying to push it.

Is the Px4 something that can help me achieve that? what hard ware is best for such project? also I will have some computer to do image processing and feed information to the flight controller to keep it stable.

Please advise what’s the best way to go or where should I start.

Thank you,

I have done something similar where the pilot radio is read by a microcontroller that modifies the sbus packet and plugs into the pixhawk through the sbus connector.

thank you so much for you answer, do you think you can provide me with more information? tips and part you used? how did it workout for you?


If I understand correctly, it is possible. Actually, controlling yaw only while stabilizing other axis is not that challenging. It’s just problem of which sensor & controller you will use.

PX4 can help you control the drone, but it may not provide the exact function you want. You might need to modify the source code or implement a companion board to realize the autonomy.

Would you explain more detail about the project? Is it indoor or outdoor? And what dose the image processor for? Are you plan to use optical flow?