Multi-Vehicle ULog Streaming?

Hello all,

I’ve been working on a project which will have multiple vehicles none of which will have an SD card for logging. There will be an onboard companion computer. I’ve have been playing with uLog streaming and have had good luck so far, after handling a bandwidth issue, but I cannot get multiple vehicles to stream to the same QGroundControl. I tried starting logging on one, switching to the other vehicle and starting logging there, but it stops the logs for both when i switch between vehicles, and then I cannot start it again without rebooting the Flight Controller, (Clicking it just flashes the btn, the stop logging btn never becomes active and logging never starts.) I was wondering if I’m doing something wrong. The tlogs hold data for each vehicle connected but the ulog seem to be only for the selected vehicle. Thanks for taking the time to read, hope someone can shed some light for me.


I’m not familiar with this being done on QGC, but it works very well on MP (thanks, Michael).

Three quads each on a separate MP instance (three voices), and each redirecting messages locally through TCP to a fourth instance. Only one laptop is used, which logs everything (tlog’s even duplicated).

Note, however, that on the fourth instance there is only one purple trace (for the selected quad).

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Thank you Webillo,

I appreciate the response. I’ll give that a try! I can probably manage with just tlogs, but would really like to have the ulogs as well. I’ll do some more tinkering(I am a big fan of QGroundControl) but it’s nice to have another option for my needs if QGC doesnt pan out. I’ll post back here if I find a QGC solution.

Thanks again!