Second QGC for monitoring / spotter

what is the easiest way to have a second QGC connected to one vehicle for doing monitoring to the spotter or to show it easier to other people without access to settings and parameters.
Currently the only way I could figure out, is to clone the screen to another device via wifi.
But as soon as a video stream is included doubling the screen causes an awful frame rate and way too much latency.
A few QGC instances can receive the same video stream without issues, but the telemetry content has to be routed to the slave QGC instances … how can this be done? The master platform always is mac os but it could run a virtual machine simultaneously to run any kind of proxy service. The QGC slaves could be iOS or Android.

Not possible other than setting up another full connection to the vehicle from a different computer.

a second full connection would be better than only one simultaneously.
All my planes each use one ESP Mavlink Bridge V 1.2.2 with external antenna, PixFalcon uses an extras.txt entry to switch to 921600 bps
Groundstation is a dualband router 2.4 G vehicles can connect to
5 GHz to QCG connection includes the video stream coming from ethernet.
How can I connect a further QCG instance to have the telemetry link as well - video already works perfect? Final goal is get a vtol below the magical 250 gram weight - so planes telemetry hardware should not exceed 3 gram.

Epiphan might have a video capture device you can use.

Good luck.

ViuLinx module by Taisync can support multi-reception of video and downlink on the ground. One ground unit has full video/telemetry/RC. 2nd ground unit can work as monitor, receiving video and downlink telemetry. Up-to 7 ground units can work as monitors. Video can be output through HDMI to monitor, or through USB to Window/Linux/MacOS/Android/iOS platform.

To forward MAVLink traffic to a second QGC you could use mavlink-router. That way you split the incoming mavlink traffic to both ground stations.