Log File Streaming in Real Time


From what I understand, there is a way to stream the flight log file directly to your ground station over the MAVLink. I’ve been reading through the developers guide under
1.9-Stable>Debugging/Logging>Logging>Log Streaming. So far after following the instructions I either haven’t been able to live stream the logs or haven’t figured out where they are going/how to access them. In the ground station, I have checked the Log download and the Saved Logs under the MAVLinks and haven’t found anything. My current setup is the PX4 Cube (black) with the Herelink air unit and controller along with QGC on the Herelink controller and on a laptop over the controller hotspot WiFi. If anybody has any suggestions please let me know.

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I wonder if there is some parameter missing. @bkueng I’m sure you can help here :slight_smile:.

Do you see log data appearing in ‘Saved Log Files’ when you press the ‘Start Logging’ button?

Thank Julian!

Hey bkueng, thanks for helping:)

No. I have an SD card inserted and the device shows it is there. I have “Automatic Logging Enabled.” At first the controller said the bandwidth was too low to enable log streaming, but now that appears to be solved. When I arm the quad and fly a little the log file does not appear in the saved log files.


I went into the Parameters and searched “Stream” and changed “MAV_0_RATE” to 5000 B/s. Now it streams the log files without issue on multiple drones. My new question is how do I download those log files or move them to the SD card in the controller without having to upload them to an email or website? Sorry for changing the main topic here.

Thanks for all your help guys! :smiley:

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I’m not sure where QGC stores the logs on Android. Probably @DonLakeFlyer knows?

“My Files” app. QGroundControl/Logs directory.