Dual streaming capability in QGC

I have a question while using QGC.
It is dual streaming.

I have two quadcopters.
Both A Quad and B Quad are connected to a single GCS.

Both A and B have cameras.

Is it possible to check the camera images of A and B at the same time in GCS?

I mean, I want to check the video of two quads in one QGC.

I have been successful in streaming video through RTSP.
However, at this time, it was one drone and one GCS.

This time, I would like to do a video stream of two drones and one GCS.

It doesn’t matter if it’s rtsp or any format.
I don’t care as long as it works.

Multiple video streams is not supported

I am interested in the same thing. I would like to know what is required in terms of hardware & software to have multiple video stream in QGC

What is required in order to have multiple video stream in QGC?

I think that there may be multiple video steams support which if you switch the active vehicle the video stream switches as well if the camera supports the new mavlink camera protocol. There is a videostreaming channel in PX4 Slack which has some folks there who may know the answer.

This is currently not possible in QGC itself, and should the program be modified separately?

I just looked at the camera v2 protocol code and as far as I can tell if the camera support v2 protocol and returns video stream information it will switch video stream as you change active vehicle.