Gazebo Classic MultiVehicle Headless

Hi, is it possible to run multi vehicle simulation with gazebo classci in headless mode?
I did try to edit the script with disabling the gzclient command, but it does not run at all and it crashes without any messages. And the HEADLESS=1 flag is used only for one vehicle example. SInce multiple vehicle simulation is started with sh script and not make.

Are you able to see multi vehicles while you launch the PX4-sitl

I dont understand the question, I start the simulation with from Tools/simulation/gazebo-classic and after using this yes, I can see multiple vehicles.

did you try running each vehicle up in the air using python mavlink code . Or How are you controlling these drones . Is it by mavlink or mavsdk or mavros

Hi, I control them via QGroundControl, it works fine. I just need to disable gazebo client, so I release some server resources.