Mounting NAZA V2 GPS on a Pixhawk

Hello everybody! :smiling_face: finally my quadcopter fly without problem, I flew multiple times and now I wondering if it’s possible to add a second gps to improve precision on my drone, i have already bought a gps in combo with a Pixhawk 6X but in my warehouse I also have a dji naza v2 gps with a dedicated attach, anyone know if it’s possible modify the cable and create a second gps for the pixhawk? If all it’s possible, have a second gps worth the effort? Thanks in advance :smiling_face: I left a photo of my drone


It is worth it. The preferred solution is to use RTK when the secondary GPS is connected to the base station (QGC) and it sends correctness data (RTCM) to the primary GPS on the vehicle.

Where I can found a diagram and some guidelines for “build” my base station with rtk? Thanks so much for the answers!

In the link in my last post.