Modifiying software

Hello everyone, my name is Roberto Dominguez,
and I’m developing a VTOL Tiltrotor prototype using a Pixhawk flight controller using the QGroundControl platform.
My prototype looks a lot like “E-flite Convergence” so I would like to know how I can modify the software that incorporates this model, to fully adapt it to my prototype.

Thank you very much for your time.

Hola a todos, mi nombre es Roberto Dominguez,
y estoy desarrollando un prototipo VTOL Tiltrotor mediante una controladora de vuelo Pixhawk utilizando la plataforma QGroundControl.
Mi prototipo se parece mucho al “E-flite Convergence” por lo que me gustaria saber como puedo modificar el software que incorpora este modelo, para adaptarlo completamente a mi prototipo.

Muchas gracias por su tiempo.

Hi Roberto,

Depending on a few specifics you can probably start by selecting the Convergence airframe to configure your autopilot. Many things can be configured as parameters. The “E-flite Convegence” airframe configuration is here:

If you get to the point you need to change the mixer or actual control code you can duplicate that airframe with your own, change the mixer, etc.

The code that handles the tiltrotor transitions can be found in the vtol_att_control module.