Modification of fixed wing controller to fly an autogyro


I want to modify the pixhawk firmware to fly a gyroplane. I made some testing with currently implemented fixed wing controls.
But as is could be supposed, it does not completely fit gyroplane control.
The main difference which limiting the usability is controlling of pitch axis.
A gyroplane needs a rotor to be fully tilted back during takeoff to increase the rotor speed. During takeoff, the rotor should be slowly tilted forward resulting stabilized pitch angle at full throttle during the ascent.

I have tested manual takeoff in “stabilized mode” with and without airspeed sensor. I have the elevator controls mapped to rotor tilt through the mixer.

Unfortunately, the controller aggressively commands the elevator to “nose down” probably in order to increase the airspeed. But the airspeed is not needed for autogyro fly. It happens immediatelly after the airpeed reached value about 5m/s.

Therefore I disabled the airspeed sensor and used it only for debug logging purposes.
The result is the controller limits the elevator deflection to +0.5 nevertheless to the speed.

Is possible to fix this behavivour by modifiing some parameters?