Control pid parameters by rc or airspeed

If there are higher tilt rates/airspeed it would be great to be able to reduce temporarily various pid gains I could only find TPA. But how can I apply it only to e.g. yaw or use an aux channel to control pid parameters?
Generally it would be good to have a way to reduce PID´s according to airspeed.
That could be done by airspeed sensor or by a combination of throttle value and acc x (pitch) value if the vehicle points nose down the pids get decreased, nose up increased pids if the vehicle has no airspeed sensor.

Let me ping @MaEtUgR for this question.

Am I reading correctly from your question that you’re flying a fixed wing type vehicle and not a multicopter?

For a multicopter you would need to explain to me why such gain scheduling based on airspeed could make sense. For fixed wing aircrafts it’s a well known requirement and PX4 also supports that.

Please have a look at the parameters FW_AIRSPD_MIN, FW_AIRSPD_TRIM, FW_AIRSPD_MAX in the PX4 parameter reference and the tuning guide

In the code the scaling for fixed wing is calculated here:

Gets passed to the control library here:

And used in the control library for example here:

much thanks for all that information and thanks to v 1.11.0, it looks like all the pieces of my construction kit are now together, figured out that it´s very easy to control various parameters directly with an rc channel with the same parameter id. Vectored thrust seems to work as well. I just wanted to make sure that there was an in flight option to reduce PID at the transmitter in case oscillation occur but still high enough to allow high alpha flying before the first test flight.

As long as you ensure that you can fly completely in manual mode, it will be safe enough.Then try to adjust cruise speed and pitch gain

Although px4 supports small adjustments for large airspeeds, it still requires a moderate gain

at the moment my test aircraft is a Convergence Vtol currently center of gravity optimized to High Alpha, so manual control is no fun anymore … but there is a second FC which I can activate in case of an emergency. At the moment it´s Betaflight 3.22 FC (overall pid gains by an rc channel) with crossfade mixer array perfectly tuned for high alpha:
In FW I could also go to PX4 but when I test FW on PX4 on the ground all pid stuff seems to work with max pitch and roll I gain the control forces seem a bit low. Differential thrust (yaw) works as desired incl. sufficient I gain control force.
But what surprises me most is that motor 3 does not switch off in FW mode and although the 2 FW motors are swiveled forward all 3 motors are partially controlled by the MC mode.
and it seems the circuit breaker vtolarming doesn’t work