Use of all the control effects that the airframe already offers (tiltrotor)

For 15 years I have been working with RC Vtol (Tiltrotors).

Mostly I have combined different flight controllers which are best suited for the respective flight situation. With a fader on the transmitter I use the output signals with a controllable crossfade mixer to the respective servo/esc.

All degrees of freedom provided by the airframe can be used in every flight situation.

e.g. as long as elevators are flowed by the thrust beam, they must be used as taileron and be able to take over the aileron function.

Forward MC flying I was always doing by tilting rotors with elevator stick using a tx mixer, so I´m very excited about the new “pusher” function in 1.11

If tilt servos are available, they must also be able to be used for vectored thrust in wing flight. All these functions are physically available and increase the safety considerably by, for example, completely preventing stalls.

Now I try to achieve some of these fundamentally important things only with PX 4 and only one FC.

A second goal is to get an autonomous flier under the magic 250 gram take-off weight.

The transition to the hover I have mostly done within a long gliding phase, which is by far the most energy-saving, with the tiltrotors swivelled up to reduce drag. This requires full elevon function even in MC mode but Yaw should be suppressed as the propellers are not running.

In FW mode only, it should be possible to mix aileron/elevator into the tilt servos.

For this I experimented with PX4 Control-Groups, but found no way to mix these functions successfully only in FW mode to the tilt servos, they were always present as well in MC mode.

I found a switch off for elevons in MC but they are needed in all modes.

How can I suppress yaw in MC mode? up to V 1.8.2 was yaw or only the I part of it, don’t I know why, sufficiently suppressed (MC min throttle =0).

V1.11 allows to solve the first part, vectored thrust: Mixer sources in control group 1 now only affect FW and no longer interfere in MC.

Sorry V1.11 also behaves like previous versions: lock elevons in MC must be activated otherwise it interferes in MC mode as well the wrong way.

How can I mix aileron and elevator into tilt servos only in FW without “lock elevons in MC” ?