Mission vs rtl

how can i make sure that the mission is finished instead of rtl if a loss of the tx signal occurs?
If there are only a few very tall trees and a suitable rtl ascent descent combination consumes far too much battery.
There are many situations where rtl is the most dangerous way.

Have a look at this parameter:

thank you for the info … this parameter i knew and it should normally set to return, cause that is the most safe setting if there is no mission with waypoints close to the start location loaded and executed. Especially if there is rtl at the end of the mission or the last waypoint is close to start, there should be an option to auto override rtl on rc control loss for not interrupt the mission I think.

I’m not sure I understand. How exactly would this auto override work?

I just haven’t dared to actually test the behavior in flight yet. Now that the plane was crashed anyway, I have found out that it happens exactly as intended. RTL will be activated after “manual control lost” only after the mission is finished -> perfect !!
I thought it needed a setting that prioritizes RTL before mission - the default is as I always wanted it to be … and V1.11.0 master seems to have no bugs in this aspect.

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