RTL mode instead of mission mode

Hello community,
I’m a new comer in the community and I hope my question will be relevant…

Is any reason to have the RTL mode engaged when I select the mission mode ? If so, how can I use the mission mode ?

Here are the steps followed:
Mission mode is set as Flight Mode 4 and RTL to FM 6.
I uploaded a quite simple mission on my Pixhawk 4 mini from QGC.

I arm the copter when GPS is fixed (green light), take off, move forward
Switch to mode 4 (see Manual control Inputs in the logs). RTL is engaged by the FC (Here as indicated in the user guide, I was expecting the mission to be executed from the current step).
Switch back to Position mode.
Then engage Flight mode 6 and RTL is performed correctly

Find below the logs of 2 similar flights:

On the forum, I read topics about errors on the mission mode due to GPS fix or Home position issues, but since I’m able to do a RTL, this is not my case, right ?

Can you tell me where I made a mistake ?