Mission planner with PX4 firmware?

Hello everyone
Is it possible to use mission planner with a PX4 firmware to prepare flight plans (survey grid)?
And if so how?

When I connect my pixhawk with PX4 to mission planner all seems to work, HUD, sensors…

But when I try to send a mission (survey grid)
I get the error message:

There was an unexpected error ( Timeout on read - setWP )

any help appreciated!

Thanks in advance

Mission Planner is made for ArduPilot. Unfortunately, the mission upload protocol (using of mavlink) is slightly different between PX4 and ArduPilot, and in this case that’s preventing the successful transfer, unfortunately.

Does survey grid in QGC not work for you?

Hey Julian,
Thanks for your answer, i have two problèm with qgc (maybe due to my unknoledge)

1st i need kml overlay, i means juste view the polygones on the maps with not just one polygone.

2nd i need thé drone stay in thé bundary of the polygone during survey. For exemple if i make a polygone with an “u” shape thé grid will cross thé bondary.

IS it possible to do something for that?

1st I don’t think that’s supported. You have to add that to QGC yourself, convince someone to help you do it, or find a consultant too add it for you.

2nd You could try to add several surveys after each other as you can have several per mission. Or just create polygon in a way how you need it. I’m not sure if polygons are possible for surveys, I’d have to try it out.

I Can draw a polygone for survey, but the route doesnt stay in thé bundary of thé polygone, i think it’s because it’s faster, but when its tree on thé side of thé bondary its not good :sweat_smile:

Oh I see. Well, you can always try to change/fix it in QGC’s source code yourself.

:sweat_smile: do you think i would Ask for help if i was able to do it myself?:sweat_smile:

Can you do it?