Survey Missions - Mission planner with PX4

Can I use mission planner to do survey missions with PX4?

No, but you can survey missions with QGroundControl with PX4.


I was looking at the survey feature that is in QGC and it says it is still experimental and it looks like it requires a lot of manual calculations still. Is this correct or is there a feature I am not seeing?

You aren’t missing anything. Survey support in QGC is just getting started. It’s is a major focus area for our next release 3.1. Stay tuned to QGC 3.1 daily builds with additional support.

@DonLakeFlyer I will try to provide as much feedback on the survey support when you start working on it. Do you know when you will be starting that so I can tentatively plan my schedule?

Maybe a couple weeks. Still fighting with getting 3.0 out the door. There is an Issue here: collectingn feedback.