HIL questions

I have just started with pixhawk and am playing around with the HIL capabilities. I am using the easystar HIL model, px4 code, and qgroundcontrol. I have a few questions:

I am trying to get auto-land to work in the sim. Much of the time when I set up a mission I get “Move down to Xm or move further away by Xm” or “Warning: Landing: last waypoint in flare region”. Other times it accepts the mission. When it does accept the mission a very steep descent is made, even though the majority of the flight from the last wp was level. after this descent it is still above the ground and starts making a large gentle turn left or right. It turns 180 degrees and flights for a long distance at low altitude. During this time it may actually contact the ground, but the power is never switched off. Just keeps scraping it’s belly. Does HIL work for auto-land? What params should I look at changing?

I would like to fly a grid pattern, but it seems that qGCS doesn’t support this. I tried using mission planner, but I could not get HIL to work. I had proper values being returned from xplane being reported in MP, but it still reported no lock and I could not take off. Can I use the px4 HIL code with mission planner? I tried using qGCS to do the HIL stuff and MP connected to a telem port (via a usb-uart adapter) to do the mission but I would get read timeout errors when trying to upload the waypoint list. Is there a way I can do HIL sim for grids?

The documention I have found seems to be a combination of out of date and horribly fragmented. Is there a concise source for current documentation?

Forgive my ignorance, like I said I am very new at this.

You cannot run Mission Planner with the PX4 firmware. You need to use QGroundControl. If you want to fly a grid you can try turning on “Experimental Survey support” from settings. A new icon will show up in the plan view. This is all work in progress so you may run into all sorts of problems. Up to you if you want to try it. Survey/Grid support is a focus for the release version after 3.0 which is currently reaching stabilization.

Nevermind, I found it. It was under the OTHER settings menu. Thanks.

Are there any other GCSs I could use with px4?

Any thoughts on the auto-landing stuff?

Don’t know anything about auto-landing

Nothing with full functionality. For just flight monitoring both APM Planner 2 and Mission Planner should work. But anything related to Setup/Mission/Parameters won’t work. AP2 might support parameter changing. Don’t remember.