Mission Planner style log analysis

I have been using ArduCopter and Mission Planner for a very long time. I recently converted one of my Pixhawk drones to run Px4. The aircraft is flyable, but I really need to get into the log files so I can look at battery and motor performance. I have wandered about looking for a suitable Px4 log viewer and I am totally amazed by the lack of a viewer that is as simple and easy to use as Mission Planner is. The bottom line is, I need a simple viewer that I can use to get this “new” drone airworthy. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

There are a couple of options to look at ulogs (from the SD card):

For live analysis of MAVLink arriving, you can use QGroundControl’s MAVLink inspector. It allows you to plot some data as well. It probably won’t match what you’re used to from MissionPlanner but should be a start.