How to plot data from PX4 firmware v1.12.3

I’m performing code generation with Simulink with the PX4 tool chain add-on( UAV Toolbox Support Package for PX4 Autopilots Documentation - MathWorks Italia ). I have a problem. When I press “Build, deploy and run” Simulink performs code generation, build the code and the launch it, simulating on jMAVsim , till now everything works. But how can I receive and plot the data from the drone (e.g. position,velocities, acceleration, Euler Angles and its derivatives etc… ). Are there any tools to plot this data ?

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hi @Matteo_Mennea thanks for posting and I hope you are having fun with PX4.

Everytime you launch the simulation it creates a log that you should be able to see in our online viewer or using another plotting tool offline we recommend PlotJugger. Alternatively if your needs are too specific you can take advantage of the pyulog python package see more info here.

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Thank you for your reply. When I perform simulation with jmavsim, it creates a lot of log files. Why? What file should I take? Is it possible to create just one .ulg file for simualtion?