Ulog file format

hi … I want to get the Ulog files from mission planner or qground control

But only I can download the .log or .bin format

how I can find this Ulog files ??

Sounds like you’re using ArduPilot firmware. Ulog is the equivalent to .bin, but for PX4 firmware.

thank you … but how to install px4 firmware rather than ardupilot ?

If you’re trying to analyse existing logs, switching firmware now won’t magically convert the format. Before changing anything it’s worth defining what you’re actually trying to do/what the problem is.
If px4 is compatible with your device, and you need to install it for whatever reason, just follow the guide in the qgc documentation to flash it.

I read that px4 is not good as adrupilot …

for hardware i have pixhawk 2.4.8 … so i don’t know exactly how to get this Ulog files

  • I am using the mission planner not qgc

any advices ? to do this in mission planner

If you’re using Missionplanner you’re most likely using ArduPilot. If you’re using ArduPilot you can’t generate ulog files. The .bin log file is the ArduPilot equivalent. You still haven’t said what you actually need to do - why you think you need ulog files - so I can’t help any further.

hi … thank you

well I want to do log analyser and plot curves …


As you see in this page … almost all good analyser are using ULOG , not Bin or log
I found one that can analyse .log files , but it is not so advanced

You need to be looking at ardupilot docs if using ardupilot.
Plenty of log analysis options. I’d suggest asking for assistance and suggestions over at discuss.ardupilot.org and trying out plot.ardupilot.org

yes I have seen this … but the most advanced ones are for Ulog

I think i will test the qground control for the Ulog and see.