Missing parameters in Motors Tab in QGroundControl

I am using a Pixhawk Mini with PX4 pro-Stable Release v1.13.0 and QGroundControl Version v4.2.3. In the Vehicle Setup → Motors Tab I only have access to Motors Setup, while in the Actuator Configuration and Testing Page in PX4 User Guide Actuator Configuration and Testing | PX4 User Guide there are more parameters like Geometry and Actuator Outputs. Also, the name of the tab is different, I have a Motors Tab while the Documentation Page has an Actuators Tab

In the Airframe Tab, I selected the Generic Hexarotor x geometry and did all the sensors calibration (even though the screenshot appears as not). All I want to do is configure the hexacopter’s rotors with a fixed tilt angle of 20 degrees but I do not have access to those parameters.

Can you guide me on which version of the Software I should use to access these parameters or something I did not check?

Thanks in advance!

Adán Márquez

Hi there,
you need to go to “System” and activate the Actuator allocation yourself (it’ll be default in the future likely).
So “vehicle setup → parameters → system” and there enable Actuator allocation.


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