Motor control using AUX port

Hello everyone,
I’m trying to control motor using AUX. Please help me if anyone know how to do so.

You can check this page of the documentation:

Let me know if this helps.

I’m using quard copter setup and there is no actuator setup.

Could you try one of these solutions? It might depend on which version of the fw you have.

Otherwise you can do it directly in the code changing/setting the value of these parameters:


You can add this kind of code into the airframe if you want to hardcode it.

# Outputs
param set-default PWM_AUX_FUNC1 101
param set-default PWM_AUX_FUNC2 102
param set-default PWM_AUX_FUNC3 103
param set-default PWM_AUX_FUNC4 104