MAVLink through Crossfire

I have a HoverGames drone, a RadioMaster TX16S station, a Crossfire TX (full - with Bluetooth), and a Diversity Nano receiver.

So, I want to send the telemetry data from PX4 to the base station through the crossfire link.

I implemented the following steps:

  1. My Crossfire TX and RX (Diversity Nano) have on both the 6.17 firmware.
  2. The WiFi module placed inside the Crossfire TX module has 2.04 firmware.
  3. I have a cable between the Telemetry 1 port (were previously the 433 MHz telemetry unit was connected) and the channels 7 and 8 from the receiver.
  4. The TX and RX are cross-over (HoverGames FMU <=> Diversity Nano).
  5. On the crossfire RX: CH8 is MAVL. TX and CH7 is MAVL. RX.
  6. On RX Diversity Nano, the Telemetry option is ON
  7. The RX Channel Map. are OK (Dst.Ch.7 = CH7 and Dst.Ch.8 = CH8)
  8. In TX settings: CROSSFIRE OP Mode: normal
  9. TX => in Bluetooth/WiFi section I chose BT/WiFi on MAVLink
  10. MAVLink mode was set automatically to FULL <= this means I receive MavLink packets. In other case the protocol was emulated
  11. In TX WiFi, I have WiFi AP enabled
  12. TX WiFi, MAVLink is set to TCP server and the port on 5760

When I connect from my laptop through WiFi, I use (the IP address of the Crossfire AP) and 5760 as a port:


  1. I get the error: “Error on link Crossfire TCP. Error on socket. The remote host closed the connection"
  2. In Crossfire, I have no activity on Uplink and Downlink.
  3. In MAVLink Link Status (Current Vehicle) - I have no activity

Mission Planner:

  1. I get the error: “No Heartbeat Pacckets Received”
  2. In Crossfire, I have (something happens):
    Uplink Cnt: 25, Uplink Loss 0%
    Downlink Cnt: 257, Downlink Loss 55%

The situation is the same based on the Bluetooth connection: nothing is working!

I know the video on youtube: Team Black Sheep Crossfire bluetooth mavlink setup for pixhawk px4 guide - YouTube => no help.
I read the: => no help.

Previously I was able to tunnel the telemetry protocol from an FMU running Betaflight through crossfire protocol by using Bluetooth and WiFi without any problems. But the base station was Mission Planner. With QGroundControl was not working at all. You have here the videos:


Did you figure it out in the end?
Ai reusit? :slight_smile:

No! But, also I did not have more time to spend on this problem. I’m almost sure that the problem is in the Mavlink protocol implemented with PX4.

Din pacate nu! :-(.

Hey, what kind of baudrate are you using on the telemetry port where you have the Crossfire 's RX’s Mav connected? I got successful once setting 115200 even if Crossfire documentation says otherwise.

I have tried countless transfer rate values. Just last week I reran the problem. In the module on the station I got MAVLink FULL - so the packets were arriving via the receiver (on the drone) → transmitter (on the station) link but further on QGroundControl decoded only part of them.