MAV_BROADCAST, where is it?

Trying to find the MAV_BROADCAST parameter, where is that?
I do need to enable Broadcast heartbeats to get my gimbal to work. Please help!


  • 0: Never broadcast
  • 1: Always broadcast
  • 2: Only multicast

it can be found in qgroundcontrol:
by searching to broadcast in the parameters settings.

Strange, it does not appear.

Witch version of px4 are you using.

have you tried updating to the latest version?

When you upgrade px4 you also need to use a matching version of QGroundControl (ie. the latest)

I am also trying to set this. Although my understanding is that I can set it in PX4 (linux version), so that I can connect QGC from another machine on same subnet. However I get the error:

pxh> param set MAV_BROADCAST 1
ERROR [param] Parameter MAV_BROADCAST not found.

Using latest PX4 version as of this week.