Manually add waypoints while flying alta 8 pro


Is it possible to assign a radio channel (and toggle switch) on a Futaba radio to allow the ability to manually record waypoints while flying in any of the non-auto pilot modes (manual, altitude or position) with an Alta 8 Pro and QGroundControl? (As opposed to only adding waypoints in the mission planning mode of the app prior to flying.)

I would like to manually fly the mission slowly to confirm no obstruction with building/obstructions, record the waypoints as I go, then use the autonomous mode to repeat the mission over and over for repeated camera recording for a cinema production.

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Create a new Plan using QGC while the vehicle is in the air. You can add a waypoint to the plan, then select the hamburger dropdown on the right, select Editor position, from the dialog change the waypoint position to be the position of the vehicle.

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I’ve been trying to find this information, thanks.
I am just at the very start of planning my first build so I’m unfamiliar with most software.
Could I ask you if I am trying to do the same as the above but also capture the gimbal position (to frame shots at waypoints) would/could this be done?
Also would that menu you mention stay open so successive waypoints could be added with out the need to navigate through each time?
I am used to Yuneec’d Curved Cable Cam if you are familiar, and trying to build something to replicate this function.
Many Thanks

That is not supported

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