Customizing a plan file with variables

Is it possible to add user defined variables to a plan file? I would like to add some waypoints that are defined relative to home instead of specific coordinates. For reference I am using QGroundControl and uploading missions to a quadcopter controlled by a Pixhawk 2.4.6.

Sorry, that’s not possible

Is it possible to define waypoints relative to home or to generate a custom plan file each time the quadcopter is armed using MAVLink?

Still not possible


hi I am trying to soften the transitions between weigh points. i have a freefly Alta 8 pro and after expanding the weighpoint radius and trying to do various tweaks my AC still behaves very aggressively when reaching a weighpoint. would decreasing the max bank angle to 25% assist with this?

I am trying to solve the same issue. Any luck with adjusting the max bank angle?