Automate Mission Waypoints

Hello everyone!
I am new to working with QGC.
The problem that i am working on is following:-

I have generated a trajectory for MAV to execute by creating a ROS node and there are 100s of waypoints in the trajectory. Now i want to send these waypoints as command to flight controller. Now, this is not practical to individually plan the mission using QGC’s GUI because there are a lot of waypoints. So what i want is somewhat create a file or such which contains all the waypoints and other mission information and send it to flight controller to execute the mission.
Note that this is to be done without using QGC’s GUI of plan view because there are a lot of waypoints and its not practical to map them out.

You can upload the mission following this guide.

Although maybe what you want is to create a file, load it using QGC UI and then upload it to the vehicle, which is also possible, take a look at plain-text file format and json file format

I was wondering whether the creation of the file to be sent to QGC could be automated? I don’t want to type in all the coordinates into a .plan. Maybe there is a way to convert a .yaml to a .plan?