Flight throuh waypoint without stopping in multirotor mode

Hello! I use 1.8.2 stable release px4 and I want to avoid decreasing of uav speed before each waypoint. I could not to find this opportunity in params and waypoint settings.
Can anyone help me?

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Did you solve this?

PX4 missions: avoid stopping at every waypoint

My colleagues solved this problem but their solution has influence on flight trajectory. And they spend time to minimize consequences. Because I can’t say about good and simple solution.

@SeregaKai Can you please provide the solution your colleagues found?

Does anyone else know how to disable that forced stop? If not through QGroundControl, can it be done editing e.g. the kml file? My understanding was that once the acceptance radius of a waypoint was reached, the next one would be activated. I ran into this when generating a custom mission that was not feasible as a mere survey, and I need the multirotor to just smoothly go through the waypoints.

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Hi, i also have this occurring! the waypoints are set using the ’ MAV_CMD_NAV_WAYPOINT ([16])’ command and sent via the /mavros/mission/push service. Any solution or things to try would be greatly appreciated

changing the Acceptance radius means it does not come to a complete stop (~2m/s) and only slightly cuts the corner. still not great.

I am also interested in this. The Advanced Tuning page at https://docs.px4.io/en/config_mc/advanced_mc_position_tuning.html mentions a formula which can presumably be edited in firmware. Does anyone happen to know where precisely it is implemented?

For info, I tried setting the waypoint acceptance radius to be larger than the the radius at which the UAV begins to slow down, thinking it might simply maintain speed as it transitions focus to the next waypoint. In simulation, the UAV slowed down anyway… ho hum!

If you want smooth waypoint transitions, look at this article https://docs.px4.io/en/config_mc/advanced_mc_position_tuning.html#mission_mode and play with MPC_XY_CRUISE, MPC_CRUISE_90, NAV_ACC_RAD, NAV_MC_ALT_RAD.
In theory, if you set MPC_CRUISE_90 = MPC_XY_CRUISE, it will not slow down untill the angle to the next waypoint will not be more, than 90 degree.