LPE_FUSION for mocap

I want to fly a drone in offboard flight mode with Mocap, what should be the value of LPE_FUSION parameter?,

I think, you have to fuse vision position, and optionally baro and land detector. Which is 4 (only vision position), or 148 (vision position + baro + land detector).

Hello, I am using a mocap system and my lpe_fusion value is 12

I also tried to use a mocap system and lpe_fusion value 12 with pixhwak2.1 but [lpe]vision fault message comes out frequently and it took a long time to converge to mocap value. Don`t you have simillar experience ?

I am using mocap and i disabled the vision fusing parameters. From the code, what I see is that using mocap does not require a parameter to enable it. Once the mocap message comes in, the mocapupdated variable will be set to true and LPE will start to fuse mocap positions.