Detailed explanation of LPE_FUSION parameter

Hello there,

i want to use external position estimation on my quadrocopter using VISION.
I know that i have to set the configuration bits of the LPE_FUSION parameter to decide what information should be “fused”, but i did not find a detailed explanation of the parameter. The only official explanation i found was this, but for instance, the explanation for “flow gyro compensation” is “Set to true to enable flow gyro compensation”. I think this is not very helpful.

Some several Questions:

  1. fuse optical flow: Does this enable the fusion of the positioning by some connected optical flow system like the px4 flow?
  2. fuse land detector: If i enable the land detector, how does it detect wether the drone was landed or not. Are the position information from the external position estimator used for this?
  3. pub agl as lpos down: this is really the most confusing parameter. I found out that agl is the shorthand symbol for “about ground level”, but i really dont know what the rest of the parameter means.
  4. flow gyro compensation: What does this mean in detail. Does this use the sensors on some connected optical flow system to compensate some measurements errors of the imu?

I hope you can help me by understanding the parameters.

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