Long EZ home build project for pixhawk

hello friends
i m new in this hobby i am going to build my own Long EZ for my 35 cc DLE 2 stroke gas engine. Now i have the issue that is pix support this kind of air frame i have not find any kind of air frame in QGC
because this air frame is without rudder and elevator is in front and aileron and flaps are back is any one here to help me how to figure out this situation

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Why can’t you just use Standard Plane? It’s not like you need some special mixing, right?

Good luck.

Standard plane are without flaps. But in my case i am using flaps

Standard Plane has Flaps:

Standard Plane
Specific Outputs:

MAIN1: aileron
MAIN2: elevator
MAIN3: throttle
MAIN4: rudder
MAIN5: flaps
MAIN6: gear

If you plan to use separate servos for Ailerons, you can use:

Bormatec Maja
Specific Outputs:

MAIN1: aileron
MAIN2: aileron
MAIN3: elevator
MAIN4: rudder
MAIN5: throttle
MAIN6: wheel
MAIN7: flaps

Good luck.

Well i think this work for me i can try this one thanks friend and what is SYS_AUTOSTART = 2105 i am totaly new in this hobby can you help me. The list of hardware for my project is this
#horus x12s transmitter.
#R9 module with standard R9M rece8verrange 10km.
#And also i have MFD link module with receive range 50km.
#pixhawk with ppm encoder, ublox M8N gps, airspeed sensor, external RGB+USB module,
#36x zoom camera for fpv.
#DLE 35ra 35cc gas two stroke engine
And i want to build LongEZ with fiberglass.
I have experience of maki g hobby aircraft but this is my first time using ardupilot system like pixhawk and QGroundConteole.
Now what you suggest me