Auto Takeoff & Landing with auto retract landing gear

Hi Friends
i am working on my #Fix wing 3Meter wing span RC plane with DLE35ra 35cc gas engine. i am using Pixhawk 1 with QGroundControl, i wan to configure my plane auto takeoff and auto landing, but now i am stuck how to configure retract landing gear auto on and off in auto takeoff and landing, is any one here to help me and figure out in this situation. my self is M. Irfan and i am waiting for your help thanks.

Hardwae list

#Frsky Horus x12s
#MFD link long range module with receiver range 50Km
#in spare Frsky R9M module and R9 receiver range 10Km
#Pixhawk 1 software using QGroundControl
#Pittot tube sensor
#DLE 35ra 35cc
#retact gear only nose wheel
#36x zoom camera