Lidar Lite v3HP vs TF02


I’m asking myself which range finder should I use in my UAV, Garmin’s LIDAR-Lite V3HP or Benewake’s TF02.

As we can find out in this discussion, integrate TFMini in PX4 is not an issue, so I suppose that we can easily use TF02, as well as update LL40LS driver to work with the newer version of the sensor.

Does someone have already tested these sensors for terrain tracking? I’m looking for some advice regarding their performance outdoor, update rate and mechanical resistance.


IF your looking for information on the TF Mini.
Have a look here.
There are a number of conversations going on the unit, it might help or at least someone there may be able to assist.

What yoú mean by terrain tracking? Altitude control? Whe have been using Garmins Lida-lite over two years and satisfied with it’s performance. When looked Benewakes specs, it looks inferior to LL, at least we are not thinking to change. So my recommendation is LL