Benewake TF02

Hello all

I been working with two new Lidars , Benewake TF0 and Benewake TF02 . Both are just serial sonar range devices and I need to integrate this with pixhawk. I am able to integrate TF01 with pixhawk but not TF02.

Can someone help me in integrating TF02 with pixhawk. Any help would be great

Thanks in advance.

Hi,You could pls try to integrate your LiDAR TF02 with pixhawk by checking below instruction file.

How to install Benewake TF series on PixHawk.pdf (1.1 MB)

This manual is for Ardupilot. I did get it work on Ardupilot, but I can’t get Ardupilot work with GPS with LIS3 Magnetometer.
With PX4 1.73 or 1.80 firmware, I can not get the Rangefinder to work. Is there somewhere a detailed manual, how to make it work on the UART3 of the Pixracer or the Pixhawk PRO3?