Heavy lift drone tuning

Hi, I’m working on a big hexa with a 15KG payload, This is my config:

  • cuav v5+
  • hobbywing x8
  • 3090 propellers
  • 12s

I need advice to tune px4 for safe flight (especially in autonomous mode)
I also had a crash in autonomous taking off, the drone takes off with deflection in pitch axes.
This is the log file of the crash https://review.px4.io/plot_app?log=99be7cf6-06a7-45b0-aefc-b0c393b25c6a

Thank you.

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How you mount your flight controller? 30 inch propeller could make crazy vibrations, try mount your controller on vibration-isolation structure, for large drones, this always has to be designed carefully.

Try remove differential parameter(by setting them to zero), keep P-term and I-term in attitude control rate and adjust them patiently, then fly the drone with a remote controller manually in manual/stabilized mode, don’t try position/hold/mission before you are satisfied in manual flight.

Of course, before all that, you should mount all parts of your drone properly, tight and stable.

Thanks for your help