PID tuning very large UAV with MTOW 100 kg

Dear All, we are finishing the testing of a very large drone with 19 motors and with a width of 6 meters.
We have managed to get it flying sufficiently in Altmode (using arducopter, px cube). However in full payload in loiter mode it is sluggish and, after a roll stick movement, oscillating of the roll axis a few times before it is horizontal again. So not good! We have quite some documentation to share as open source for you to analyse. We feel that we need to have the loiter roll more straight. We have followed all instructions on Ardupilot documentation, and thank for all support given sofar. Best WinfriedVID-20200416-WA0003 wr_Moment

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It’s best to ask on for help with ArduPilot.
Awesome aircraft!

Any video? That would be interesting …

Yes of course, we can send that. Can you let us know your mail address so we can send it by we transfer. And do you have interest and expertise to help us out with the last mile? let us know, best W

Put the video on YouTube for all to see … Not being able to see the issues does not help me guess what the issue is … The other thing you could provide to PX4 is your flight log - Being able to see what is happening - EXAMPLE: is there an electrical interference with the system using 19 motors? Is there a bad motor, etc …

Where are you located?

need your email for data sending . The issue is bad roll response on stick movement in loiter at full load. Half and empty drone responds OK in loiter. So in order to do way point programming, needs to be solved. You will see that in logs pid Screen shots that PID values are high already in roll axis!

Ps no electrical interference with 16 motors no bad motor all well calibrated! and in NL!

Nice project. Please note that you are asking in the wrong place. It’s like asking a BMW agent to fix a Toyota :smile: won’t get enough help for that.

This forum is for PX4 not Arducopter. Please do ask in the corresponding forum and make sure you provide useful details (e.g. log files) for analysis.

Dear Mzahana, thanks I did this first by accident, but just for the sake of it, tell me if the PX4 software has in the loiter area a totally different approach as Arducopter. What is the PX4 experience with large UAV’s.

We cooperate with a University of Applied Sciences and they developed a nice interface program, but also use the PX4 software. So if we can still make a choice.

BTW I also posted it in the ardupilot discussion forum… Cheers Winfried

I would post your log where “auturgy” stated There are more experts out there who could give you better insight and honest opinion on any issues where I may not see. It looks great in the air and the size of the craft sounds fantastic … I would enjoy seeing a video on it even if it seems a little erratic at this time. You may be surprised how some can view the craft flying from the video then look at your log and give you an analysis of what your issue might be.

Hello @winfriedrijssenbeek1 were you able to adjust the PID parameters? I also need to parameterize a very large drone with about 110kg, do you have a tip for me or can you send me your parameters?

Greetings Marc

why not use px4 fireware :smiley: