'Land' Mission Setting

Hey gang, new here and new to using QGroundControl (specifically the ALTA version for the Freefly Alta X)

Curious about a couple things for a mission I’m trying to plan, I’m looking to take off, travel to way point, land, wait for a predetermined amount of time or for a trigger then take off and return to home.

A couple questions I had about this process though;

  • After the ‘Land’ command is completed, does the drone disarm? How would I manage automated arming and disarming? I imagine I’ll lose control link when the craft lands at it’s waypoint.
  • Is there a way to re-arm while on the ground still without using the ‘Wait’ function? The purpose is for drone delivery but a time function doesn’t seem safe (what if the person receiving doesn’t clear away from the craft in time and the motors arm while they’re reaching for cargo?)