(Auto mode) Disarm on Land


I need a help in Waypoint navigation of PX4-drone. I use the drones for cargo delivery and hence configured the drone in Auto mode with 4 waypoints (WP).

WP1: Takeoff (start location)
WP2: Land (Destination)
WP3: Takeoff (Destination)
WP4: Land (start position)

After the drone reaches WP2 (after landing) the drone automatically takes off again as there is a take of waypoint next to it. Instead, I want the drone to disarm automatically after reaching WP2. Is there any command to do so?

Thanks in advance.

In QGC if you expand WP2 advanced you can uncheck autocontinue, then set the parameter COM_DISARM_LAND.

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Thank you Dagar! It works just like I expected!