JSBSim-PX4 bridge Simulation Time Step Increase


in line 83.

I want to run the JSBSim faster than 250 Hz because of the accuracy.
So, I tried to change the _dt value from 0.004 to 0.001.
Buy, It made the poll timeout (0, 22) error during SITL simulation.

How Can I increase the time step for SITL with JSBSim???

Can you help me?

Increasing the timestep does not necessarily increase the โ€œaccuracyโ€ of the simulation. It just increases the resolution of the dynamics.

I am not sure why you have a problem of adjusting the timestep. Are you sure that the jsbsim_bridge is still running after the poll error?

I would check: px4-jsbsim-bridge/src/jsbsim_bridge.cpp at 68de2cc63ded9a0d6641d45e9eb3ed2b43454cba ยท PX4/px4-jsbsim-bridge ยท GitHub