Is this 3DR Telemetry Kit V2 compatible with Pixhawk 4?


I found this telemetry radio and was wondering if it’s compatible with both the Pixhawk 4 hardware and software:

I think this should be compatible. The only thing that might not fit are the connectors, so you might have to fix that yourself.

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Hey Julian!

Thanks for the answer. However, please take a look at this setup guide:

It states that a 6 wire Pixhawk connector cable should allow it to hook right onto the Pixhawk 4. This guide claims that that cable will be included with this kit.

If it says so that’s probably true. I wouldn’t know better.

@Safat, I ordered the exact same telemetry kit for my Pixhawk 4 thinking it came with the correct connectors but unfortunately it did not. However, the kit is still compatible, just have to change the connector head to the px4 one.
If they do send you the correct cable as well then please let me know so I can chase them up about mine

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I’ll let you know the moment I get it :slight_smile:

My order came with these:

IMG_7283 IMG_7284

They are meant to go into the TELEM1 port:

I don’t see any 6-wire cable. What’s the easiest/best fix for this problem?