Is there any Gimbal solution for angle read succeed with mavlink

For my graduation project I am building an autonomous quad
Frame, motors, escs: Tarot Peeper 1
Fc: Pixhawk-4
PMB: Pixhawk-4 PMB
Companion C.: Jetson Nano B01

I want to use gimbal camera to make image processing to define quad’s position iaw target.
To make this avaliable I need to read gimbal’s angle information to make some conversion, from camera frame to quad’s body frame.
I think it is possible only using mavlink controlled gimbal and read via mavlink.

So is there any gimbal to drive with mavlink commands with connect gimbal and pixhawk-4 on uart&i2c port?
And does Tarot Peeper 10x gimbal camera supports mavlink from rx/tx pins, or is there anybody experienced drive this gimbal via mavlink?