Running Gimbal Autonomously via sbus out - Pixhawk-4

I try to run a gimbal with help of a companion computer which makes drone execute a mission.
Is it possible running autonomously a gimbal (Tarot Peeper 10X) that connected on SBUS OUT port of Pixhawk-4 with using MAVSDK-python?
Or are devices that connected on SBUS OUT port only controlled by RC?

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@altug , I am hitting the same wall!! Did you ever figure this out? Any help would be much appreciated!!

To correct sth, the gimbal was Topotek T10X Pro.
For autonomously it is impossible for now.
But for manual control, you need to define custom mixer.

My suggestion, if you use a SimpleBGC and you have a companion computer, to drive autonomously, try to make serial connection btw gimbal and computer.

But in that situation I faced another problem: yaw drifting on gimbal.

Good luck. :blush: