Is the trajectory_setpoint's classes are correct generated by FastRTPS-Gen? PX v1.12.3

Hi all,

I’m using PX4 v1.12.3, Ubuntu 18.04, FastDDS v2.0.2, openjdk 11, foonathan_memory_vendor, ROS Melodic, px4_msgs ros1 branch

I’m trying to generate trajectory_setpoint’s classes using with FastRTPS-Gen.

trajectory_setpoint’s base message is vehicle_local_position_setpoint.

But they have different data types.



Generated .cxx files based on the below IDL message.

uint64 timestamp

float32 x 

float32 y

float32 z

float32 vx 

float32 vy 

float32 vz

float32[3] acceleration 

float32[3] thrust

float32 yaw

float32 yawspeed

But ros1 px4_msgs’ data types are different. It has a position and velocity array

uint64 timestamp

float32[3] position

float32[3] velocity

float32[3] acceleration

float32[3] jerk

float32 yaw

float32 yawspeed

Also px4_msgs ros1 and ros2 different data types.

which is the correct/accepted message definition by PX4 v1.12.3 for using with FastRTPS-Gen? OR how can I fix this?