Is RemoteID implemented for PX4

Is RemoteID implemented for PX4 or not? I have a PixHawk 6C and the Holybro RemoteID module. The module is connected to TELEM2. The documentation seems to indicate that RemoteID is supposed to work with MavLink and not DroneCAN. I’ve installed the latest 1.15 beta. How is RemoteID supposed to be configured with using DroneCAN? I seem to be chasing my tail on this one… Any ideas?

At least on PX4 1.15 Beta. After going through the RemoteID setup MavLink, one step was missing. In order to enable Remote ID, go to Application Settings → General → Miscellaneous and check Enable Remote ID. Once this is complete a Remote ID button appears. The latter allows Remote ID configuration. I verified it working via OpenDroneID android app.