Is px4_sitl need to reboot or support reboot after key parameters changes?

I’m using SITL for vision development these days, but after I change parameters like EKF2_AID_BITMASK, I tried use “reboot vehicle” button in parameters list tools menu in QGC.
But I get “CMD: Unexpected command 246, result 0” in console. Means reboot failed. I confirmed in different computers, all like this.
After few seconds, I still can get “INFO [ecl/EKF] EKF commencing external vision position fusion”, Is this means I don’s need to reboot after change this parameter, Is there any potential problem?

@JulianOes Could you help me on this?

Command 246 refers to:

I think reboot is not implemented for SITL right now. Best is just to restart SITL.

Thanks, but restart SITL will back to default parameters. If I want to change some parameters need reboot, which file I should edit?

No, SITL params are stored in a file and not lost.