Reboot Pixhawk From QGC

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Not 100% sure if this question has been asked before, though I had seen a question from some years back on a similar topic but figured Id ask again given new software developments.

Is there a way to reboot the pixhawk using the px4 stack from QGC? A simple interface button or a command that can be entered? I am using QGC 3.0.2 and the latest px4 stable build.

In Mission Planner there is such a function. If you are connected to your pixhawk in Mission Planner and then hit Crtl+f a secondary command window opens up and one of the options is reboot pixhawk. This option is very convenient as it permits a reboot with out cycling power to the pixhawk. It would be great to have this option in QGC, if one does not already exist and because most critical parameters you edit in the px4 stack require a reboot.

Any thoughts or experience on this from the rest of the community?

Thanks in advance.

I asked the question recently and got told - “most users just pull out the cable and plug it in again”.

I did find a way to do this in the UI at one point after updating parameters - but I can’t find it again. I think it may have been under the Tools menu (top right, in settings)

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@jdott5 As @hamishwillee said, there is the Tools drop-down menu on the upper-right corner in QGC under Parameters tab. There’s a refresh option there, which refreshes the parameters (and it also works with parameters which need reboot for to change, so I suppose that the refresh option is doing the job)

Setup/Parameters - Tool Menu - Reboot Vehicle

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That doesnt appear to be an option in QGC 3.1.3. There is definitely not a Reboot. There is a refresh but that just refreshes the parameters as set in the QGC not as necessarily written to the pixhawk until reboot.


Perhaps reboot is in the daily build - I was playing with that for a while. In any case, there is no “harm” in just pulling out the wire and reconnecting.

I’m not sure how to document this - perhaps a HOW to or FAQ section in the user guide. Certainly when I get to the parameters screen I can put in something that you can at least find by search.

@DonLakeFlyer - Personally I think that the implementation is too hidden. I couldn’t find it first time either (as you may recall :-0 )

I can see how power cycling the FCU can be inconvenient in some situations: like when the drone is far away, or if power cycling also reboots companion computer, etc.

For now, AFAIK another option is to type “reboot” in QGC’s nsh console.

Use a newer daily build: