Changing SYS_MC_EST_GROUP does not change parameter list in QGC


I faced with strange behavior of QGC. When I switch the position estimator by SYS_MC_EST_GROUP parameter and reboot the FCU, the parameter list is not updated and I don’t see estimator’s parameters which choosen now.
For instance, I choose the LPE as estimator, but i have only ‘Position Estimator INAV’ parameters group.

I have got this issue during both the SITL simulation and real FCU.

What I do wrong? Maybe there is something like “deep” reboot? Or there is a cache file in QCG which is not updated?

PS. I use QGC v3.0.2 and PX4Firmware v.1.5.2. However, I had the same issue on current master branch and the release 1.3.1

Best Regards,

On Pixhawk (fmu-v2_default) only EKF2 is supported due to flash size constraints. You need to use the fmu-v3_default build target or manually change modules to enable LPE on Pixhawk.

Lorenz, thank you!

As I understand, the same issue in SITL mode. Only certain modules are loaded by default regardless from SYS_MC_EST_GROUP parameter. Right?