Invalid orientation when calibrating compass

I set up a pixhawk and started the calibration procedure. For the compass calibration it lets me do 5 of the 6 axes, and then when I try to do the 6th, it gives an error message “invalid orientation calibrating compass”. Now I find this rather strange, because when I calibrated this unit earlier, this error did not happen.
Checked the GPS unit and it is OK.

Has anyone seen this behavior?


Yes mine does this also…was working good then update 182 and now the inverted orientation wont cal

I had the same problem. It was either an unstable or wrong firmware installed. Alternately, I loaded another air-frame and loaded back the required to perform the reset. It worked fine after that. Cheers

Hello, maybe this is a little late, but I had the exact same issue, and I tried every solution above and that didn’t work (load another airframe, upgrade the firmware (currently 1.13.0, try another compass…).

However I managed to solve it by hitting the button “factory reset” located at the bottom of the screen (QGroundControl 4.2.3) :

After that, it worked like a charm.