Integrate RTSP to stream video in QGC

Hi everyone, I want to integrate RTSP protocol to stream video from drone in my custom QGC built using master branch. Can someone guide me?
I know we can use Streamer to achieve this but couldn’t find a way out to implement this process in my QGC

QGC already supports RTSP streams. You just have to add the URL in the Application Settings.

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@JulianOes I couldn’t find any option to add my own RTSP url. There are only two options either Herelink Hotspot or disable video stream.

Oh, I see the problem. Which QGC version/repo are you using?

i am using the master branch which is using QT6.6.1.

Ok, but not the Herelink special one? This is something I added but it should not be active by default.

See: Settings/VideoManager: add Herelink video stream by julianoes · Pull Request #10798 · mavlink/qgroundcontrol · GitHub

I ran into a problem when building using gstreamer.
I commented out a line in file: CONFIG += DISABLE_VIDEOSTREAMING and tried building the qgc.


Can you pls help me?