Video stream to Qgroundcontrol - Mac

Setup videostreamning on my Mac. Works well. Now I want the video to show in the videowindow in Qgroundcontrol. Installed Gstreamer as described in this link: But then what? Video isn´t showing up in Qgroundcontrol. Obviously more setting up is required. Haven´t been able to find further instructions anywhere.

Please, could someone help me with this? I have no programming skills and I don’t know what “build” or “brew” is. In the link above it’s described as very simple on the mac: Install the two gtstreamer files and that’s it. But I get no video in Qgroundcontrol.

Check your UDP port for video. Ensure your broadcast video is RTP h264 encoded. You could have a look in the console window to see if any GStreamer errors have occurred.

Thanks, Anton. Will do - and report back.

I would be interessted to know which digitizer (for Analog-Videotransmission) works with Mac & gstreamer.

Is live video streaming available in Qgroundcontrol v2.9.7.
I installed Gstremer in my windows pc but video source option is not in qgroundcontrol v2.9.7.
Is there any other way suggest me.
Thank you.

The is an out of the box solution to bring a low latency rtsp video stream from 5.8G analog fpv tx to QGC.
Connect the composite signal by a VS8100-V2 converter to a standard dualband wifi router that further expands the range of 2.4G wifi telemetry and offers a 5GHz connection to QGC lower interfering the 2.4G RC TX.
add a RTSP video stream in QGC
rtsp://(ip addr. of VS8100-V2):554/live.sdp
that brings a reliable video stream to the ground station and big stationary diversity fpv receivers and antennas can be used.
VS8100 is a common video surveillance analog to ip stream converter.