Q ground control fpv feed issue

Hi community, I’m really new here, so please be kind enough if I do something wrong! :slightly_smiling_face:
I been using Linux for a while, and I only use Windows for some programs that aren’t supported on Linux. The mission planner alternative, APM planner works neatly on Linux but lacks support for directly viewing fpv stream with(or without) OSD. (And I also think it’s outdated) This made me choose q ground control instead.

I have a 5.8mhz UVC receiver that connects to my laptop via USB and it is detectable using programs like webcamoid.

I followed all the commands shown here:


And found some useful commands at here

for video streaming

however, I never succeed to feed video feed to q ground control.

on webcamoid my receiver is shown as usb webcam and is usually mounted at /dev/video2

I would appreciate any help, even if your solution doesn’t work.

Thanks for reading!